Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ribbit in the Snow

We're buried in snow here! My office has been closed the past 2 days so it's been 2 days of shoveling and playing in the snow. By now there are paths on the sidewalks and some cleared driveways but the piles of snow are over our heads. Normally we get maybe 2 days of snow to briefly play in so this is crazy for Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, I finished a project, Ribbit, a free pattern from Susan B . Anderson. She's the author of Itty Bitty Toys and other cute knitting books and also has a great blog with free patterns (one of which is Ribbit and the similar Rabbit). Besides being obviously cute I thought it was a fun twist to have the body be stuffed with a tennis ball. Ribbit is bouncy but much less than a plain tennis ball.

I actually started Ribbit way back in the summer, paused to get a tennis ball and never picked him back up. These past 2 weeks I've really been working on finishing up some works in progress and I'm glad this froggie was one of them. I think the best part of little toys like this are the details and the feet and toes are the star for me. I love them! They were crazy slow (for me) to knit but worth it. Raveled here.

And of course I need to share a few other snowy pics!


  1. Love the ribbit! I made one of those too and my son loves it. Fun, easy knit (except for the hands and feet)!

  2. How cute! (both Ribbit and Drew). Its crazy how much snow we've had (I'm in Abington). Hopefully this is it for a while! :) Christine

  3. OK, something weird just happened and I lost my comment. I said I wished you'd send some of that snow over here to south Texas. WE only get ice, if we're lucky! Cute pictures, all around. And Ribbit is totally cute too! I think my dog would like the tennis ball. Keep up the good work.


  4. This is so fabulous. I love knitted toys, and I always wish I had more patience to make them! Scarves and iPhone cozies are kind of where my knitting stops. But this is great!