Sunday, August 31, 2008

My new diaper bag is done finally!

What a project this was!
I finished my new diaper bag late last night. It's the Modern diaper bag from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book. It's HUGE - I actually scaled it down 25% (except I kept the depth of 4", so there was lots of fiddling with the measurements before I even began) and now it's a perfect size for me. I think there were 50+ pieces to cut out, it was not simple or quick!
It has a magnetic tab closure, a cell pocket on the outside end, 4 interior pockets (I think I pleated these wrong, oh well) which are large enough for my diapee & wipee case, water bottle, etc.

I also made the matching changing pads (also from the book). I used this super soft minkee-type fabric and they are quilted. I made two so one can be in the wash and I'll still have one ready to go.


  1. THAT BAG IS AWESOME!!! I totally wish I had your sewing talents. Too, too cool!

  2. Well Done, that's definitely a better looking size then the full size one :D

  3. OK, THAT is awesomeness! I have my fabric, my thoudsand yards of Pellon, but before I get stared, can I please ask, how did you scale it down? I think I can fugure out the insides ok. did you use a copyier or just tracing paper? thanks!

  4. Sorry for the late late late reply Juls. For the side pattern I did use a photocopier to scale it down. The rest are really just rectangles so take the measurements, subtract the seam allowances, multiply by 3/4 and add back the seam allowances for each dimension. As I said, not quick or simple but it was worth it in the end!