Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why not squeeze in an extra project or two? High chair cover is done!

Little Ben isn't quite ready for solids yet but we wanted to get him used to sitting at the table with us for dinner. Our high chair's original cover was cracked from repeated washings and I already had the Michael Miller Play Lolli Dot laminate and Michael Miller bias trims waiting around so another project got squeezed in among all the holiday gift sewing.

I started with the original cover as a rough pattern, but I did make a lot of adjustments and changes. Most were just time- and effort-savers, I mean WHY did the cover need 18 different ways to attach to the plastic seat? The orignal had a ruffle (blech) and an odd bottom shape, those had to go. The bias trim I though would be cute and colorful, plus it's a really quick way to finish things!

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