Friday, December 26, 2008

Dilbert the Dino (times 2)

Happy Holidays everyone!!
I actually got all my sewing done with a WHOLE day to spare! :)
My goal was to make a handmade item for each child on my list - my own, nieces and nephews, and friends' children. This year was a baby explosion so the list almost doubled!

Here is one gift I made for 2 of my nephews - Dilbert the Dino! This is a Melly & Me pattern (yes, yes, I need patterns for almost everything, even stuffies).
I thought they came out so adorable. I won't lie -- those spikes were pretty ugly to turn inside out but once you power through that step you're almost done anyway.

For size comparison - next to baby monitor. They are a nice size!


  1. I love those! I need patterns for most everything not square! LOL I will have to look up the dino pattern :)

  2. My son would love that! Very well done

  3. What a nice dino! Is this an existing pattern or buy a freebie? Where would I be able to buy it or download?

  4. Thanks Pam!
    It's a pattern from Melly & Me:
    I bought mine through a co-op but you can find them on Etsy, Pink Chalk Fabrics and others.
    I also just made the Hopscotch Bag of theirs.