Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Clutch Balls

Happy New Year!
Amazingly, I'm not burned out from all the holiday sewing and I'm hoping to get a lot done before my maternity leave ends at the end of January. Sigh... the time flies by so fast!

Another Christmas gift is unveiled! I just love these, I used 36(!!) different fabrics for each one (I made 3 balls) in cottons, minkee, and baby wale corduroy. It was a really fun stash project finding which prints to combine.

Before I forget here is the free pattern.

Before sewing (my teaser pic a few posts back):

All done! They are a nice size, about a basketball but soft and light of course. This is the thicker size of the pattern. I had made the thinner version previously and it seems a bit floppy. Not bad, but I wanted to try out thick version. Plus you see the prints better! :)

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