Monday, January 5, 2009

Sock Monkeys

Just sharing another holiday gift!

Who doesn't love a cute sock monkey? The best part of this project is if you buy a bunch of socks thinking you will be making loads of monkeys and then they sit and sit and sit... well at least they can just go back and be used as actual socks. Yes I have several socks once destined to become monkeys!

I seem to be on a trio kick - so here are 3 monkeys! The one on the left is mine (Nate thinks it's his though) that I made last year. I used a thicker, sweater-like sock for it and it came out really fun. This middle was a funky knee sock and came with it's own eyes! The one on the right was cute but seemed a bit plain once I was done...

So I made her a skirt! I was going through my fabric stash looking for a fun print with a strong red and duh of course the Sock Monkey Yearbook print was perfect! It's really one of my all-time favorite kid prints. NOW this monkey is ready for playtime.

Free pattern link is on my list down to the right.

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