Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Distracted yet again!

Sigh... I have a bag full of cut projects waiting to go and still I start others! I think I like planning, picking fabrics and even cutting better than the sewing and finishing.

So yesterday I heard about this fun stitch party at Spool Sewing...

My first thought was, can I go? A toddler, a baby, my first week back at work... But I think it sounds fun enough to make the plans for it.

My next thought was, what project(s) to bring? I want to bring something to wear but I'm not ready to make skirts for myself yet. I need to lose more baby weight (and I will!) Then I remembered the Spool blog post about the Amy Butler apron overlay which is part of the Barcelona Skirt pattern. I've made several Barcelona skirts and it's a great pattern (both the a-line and layered) but I also just ignored the apron overlay. Until now! I'm hoping it looks fun enough to wear with jeans and a top and not look silly on me.

The fabrics have been chosen, the pieces cut! This is the FOURTH apron I'll be making this month -- yikes! Now I really need to actually sit and sew!

When I was picking my Emmeline paron fabrics I came up with 3 combinations and I loved them all. Now I've decided what to do with each one.

Combination #1 - Amy Butler prints - will become the AB Barcelona apron overlay

Combination #2 - MM Farmers Market prints - will become Emmeline apron

Combination #3 - MM Mirabelle and Zen Blossoms with AB Full Moon dots - will become a skirt later this spring

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