Monday, September 28, 2009

Too many WIPs! And a fairy distraction...

I have a TON of projects in progress right now. I had been aiming to finish a quilt for my mom to hand-sew the binding on during her visit but instead of finishing one project I kept inching forward two. So now I have my strip twist table runner top finished but it's not quilted. My Soiree quilt has all 40 blocks pieced, pressed and trimmed. But they haven't been arranged or sewn together. I'm also doing some piecing on the back so still a ways to go on that one!

Here's a pic of the table runner currently:

And I'm working on several knitting projects too. I'm *almost* done with my Baby Surprise Jacket. I did decide to do an I-cord bind off so I had to learn how and I've had to rip it out once and start it again. Apparently I'm a loose knitter but a tight I-corder! Now I'm making progress though the I-cord feels slow. Hopefully I'll be posting that later this week. :)

Here a picture from about half way through - it's an amoeba!

Plus I always have a lace project in the works. I'm making another triangle shawl this time with Noro Kureyon sock. I really hated that yarn at first but it's growing on me. It IS very fun watching the colors develop through the work. I'll decide after blocking if I'll use it again though. It needs to soften up a LOT to make the cut. Right now if looks like it's growing nicely but I've only used 40% of my yarn!

But the real reason I don't have anything finished to show is that I've been working on my fairy swap projects! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and I can't wait to hear how my fairee family likes them! Maybe I'll post some pictures after the gifts are received. And I'll soon have our swap gifts to show too!

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  1. I just finished a shawl with that same colorway of noro. Washing definitely helps it soften up a bit, but it is still pretty scratchy, beautiful though!