Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little Fairy flew in yesterday

And brought us some amazing Halloween (and other) goodies!
This fairy swap was with some lovely crafters from thebabywearer.com. Is it weird that a site about baby carriers got me hooked on sewing and crafting?? So many of us were making and sharing pics of clothes, toys, home items, etc. that we needed a new sub-forum over there just for DIY that wasn't babywearing-related. So the fairy swap was to make almost anything. It could be things for the mama, the kids, the dog, whatever! Really it just has to be one tiem but everyone loves to go above and beyond and my fairy was no exception. We got so many fabulous gifts!!

First, aww... the box art

My boys digging into the box! (They never seem to be wearing shirts after dinner)

An amazing bag packed with goodies!

A super cute Halloween bunting!

Wine charms! They are actually tiny pictures of Lizzie Dish fabrics!! That's the print line I made a lot of kitchen accessories with. How perfect are these?
I have no idea how these were made but I'm in love!

2 adorable bags - perfect for trick or treating

And more pictures of my new bag. I love the shape, the color, the details! Now I need some tips on sewing cording too!

Thank you thank you thank you!! We had so much fun opening up all the gifts and they will all definitely be used!

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