Monday, November 30, 2009

Moda Soiree Quilt

Another quilting project! I did a LOT of catching up when I took a vacation day just to sew basically. I didn't get everything I wanted done, but it gave me the motivation to continue through the weekend and finish up my quilts. Then of course my mom visited and finished up the bindings for me! Yes, I can do them, but she claims she likes to have something to work on while she's here and I'm happy to work on other (knitting) projects instead. :)

I've become a big fan of these lovely pre-cut sets all from one line. Moda is the champion of this. For my Soiree quilt I chose a "layer cake" which is a pack of forty (or more) 10" square cuts, all different prints from their Soiree collection. Add in a 1/2 yard for binding and some yardage for the quilt backing and you're set.

The pattern is... well I don't know if it has a name actually. I think I'll call it wonky stripes. :) It was pretty simple and I took pictures of the process so look for a quick tutorial soon!

The backing is 2 yards of a Michael Miller dainty damask that I had. I was able to stretch it wider by adding the strip of stripes. Plus I love having an interesting back to the quilt also!

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