Friday, November 27, 2009

Strip Twist Quilted Runner

Another quilted table runner! This was done just in time to decorate the table before Thanksgiving. We're already decorating for Christmas today!

I got the idea of this one from the Connecting Threads catalog. They have tons of lovely table runners and quilts photographed in there. They sell many kits and patterns but this particular one is from a larger quilt pattern called Strip Twist. I thought it would make a great runner if it were only 2 squares wide. I actually didn't buy the pattern, I thought I could figure it out and I did!

The fabric is set of strips plus maybe half yard of the binding and backing prints, also from Connecting Threads. They sell strip sets, FQs and just about any cut you could want too.

I ended up going with a simple diagonal line quilting. The lines are spaced at different widths and there is an occasional line the other way too. I used good old painters' tape as my line guides.

Here is a matching potholder/trivet. It is also my first project attempt at free motion quilting and I give myself a D. If you look at the stitches its a big old mess. Some long stitches, lots of teeny tiny stitches, bizarre jogs in the curve. Just look at the overall pattern please. :)

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