Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cabled hats and Cuties

I'm definitely pretty late posting these, but winter isn't over yet. :)
I made these hats in December and January and thought they came out great. The lighter blue one was actually my first cabled project ever! Raveled here and here.
Gotta love a hat with ear flaps and pom pom!

The pattern is called Master Charles and is a $1.99 download available through This may be the cutest hat pattern ever! One of the best features of the pattern is that it includes sizes from infant through adult. I actually used a mix of sizes for my boys. Disturbingly, the almost-4-year old and the 18-month old have the same size head!
I made both with Malabrigo worsted in the Blue Surf and Stone Blue colorways. Yummy yarn.

A high school friend of my husband is a wedding photographer now and we did a portrait session with her for the kids. Her name is Lorraine Daley. I thought the hats would be a cute prop and raced to finish the 2nd one for the shoot. I think they look good! (the hats and the kids of course)

A few more cute kid pics!


  1. What cuties!! The photos (and hats!) came out great! :) Christine

  2. Your children are absolutely darling. The hats a great. Your knitting is incredible. I do not make shawls, but I really envy those who do. They look so time consuming. I was looking at your past posts, your mittens are GORGEOUS! Again, your kids are just the cutest!

  3. Thanks thanks and thanks! :)