Monday, March 29, 2010

Garden of Alla Shawl

On one of my mom's trips out to Philadelphia she became enamored of my Koigu Feather & Fan scarf and was determined to make one just like it. She even bought 4 skeins to make two scarves. Well... I think she'll finish one of them someday but in the meantime I thought I'd make her something she could wear now. :)

I chose the yarn first. I was looking for purple but didn't want either a solid or a handpainted look. I found this Mini Mochi yarn with long color changes. Kind of like Noro but it's actually soft!
After knitting with it I'm undecided on whether I like the yarn. It's very soft, but a bit fuzzy and very splitty. The colors were gorgeous though each skeins had the color changes a bit different.

Next I needed a pattern that wouldn't conflict too much with the color changes, a basic repeating geometric pattern I thought would be best, but I also wanted something interesting to knit! I chose a free pattern called Garden of Alla. It turned out to be pretty challenging, I wasn't able to memorize it until the final repeat. But I do like how it looks!
Raveled here

Pre Blocking. One thing I love about these slow color-changing yarns is watching the color emerge as you knit. It keeps you motivated to just do a few more rows each day!

I finished this way back in January, gave it to my mom in late February and finally am sorting the pictures out now. Here is my mum modeling her new shawl -- doesn't she look lovely!

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  1. I love the shawl! And it looks great on MamaJamie!