Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Crowns

My little boy turned 4 this past weekend - where is the time flying?
March had been taken over by toy knitting so I didn't knit or sew any additional gifts for him except for one that was for me a must-do.

The pattern is called "Loved" and you can buy it ($1.99) on or on I ran across this pattern back in December and instantly knew it would be something I'd be making a lot of. I've decided it's my gift for all the four-year-olds. We go to a lot of kids' birthday parties through the year so any project I commit to making so many of needs to be:
1) relatively quick
2) interesting enough so that I don't burn out, and
3) something I think will really be enjoyed.

I couldn't get him to model his own properly, but here is one for a friend:

I've now made 3 of these and don't think I'll mind knitting up the many more I have planned. I'm having fun planning out the colors. The pattern doesn't call for different colors for the bobbles but I really think it's worth the extra bit of awkwardness it adds. I loved the "jewels" for the top of my son's crown.

Here's a peak at the work in progress. Really crazy looking I know, but I love the interesting construction this has.

I've been making these in the Knitpick's Comfy Bulky yarns. This is the same as I've been knitting my itty bitty toys, but in a heavier weight.

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