Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun with Fabric

I have way more sewing plans than I have actual time to sew. This means that my to do list is always a million projects long and regularly things get bumped off the reality list and into the wistful "maybe someday" list. I had all these dreams of summer clothes to make for myself and they are all on hold. I did make some cute skirts this spring but the dresses and tunics will wait for now. There is always next summer and at least fabric doesn't go bad. :)

This is actually what my sewing table looks like behind my sewing machine. Stacks of fabric, but I do really enjoy seeing all the time. You can just see some of my Garden Party prints -- still figuring out what to do with those...

I LOVE the planning stage of sewing and particularly quilting. I love pairing fabrics, figuring out layouts and doing the math of cutting and piecing. Again, I plan out more projects than I get to, but it's fun for me. Yes I'm a nerd.
So here are a few things I'm planning out now.

Remember this quilt?

It's in our living room and I recently realized we have very ugly and boring pillows on our couch. So I'm going to make some scrappy log cabin pillow covers! I pulled out all these scraps to make them. Anything brown/orange/rust/mustard/olive/forest green went into the pile. Now I'm considering making one pillow brown & orange and the other yellow & green instead of mixing them all up...

For my next quilt I'm making a large throw size out of Moda Soiree. Such a pretty collection! It will go in the baby's room for when we're snuggling in the recliner. I bought a layer cake (10" squares) plus some extra for a border and binding. Still need to figure out the backing but I think it will be scrappy a la Film in the Fridge. Why have a boring backing?

This next group is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Bijoux prints. They will become 2 pillowcases plus 2 quilted shams. I would love to see them all together as a big quilt too but I think they will get more use as a bed makeover.

I also just received a small order from Connecting Threads. I couldn't figure out why I was getting their catalog in the mail but they are a sister company of KnitPicks, where I bought my knitting needles from months ago. They make their own prints, sold in collections, individual yardage (even FQs), charms, jelly rolls, etc., or kits. Their prices are really good too ($6/yard, cheap shipping). I order a strip set plus a bit extra to make a fall colored table runner. I'm going to do the Strip Twist pattern shown here, just two columns wide. I'm not buying the pattern, but I think I've got it all figured out. ;)


  1. Mmmm, so much fun fabric! I have the same problem with lots of plans & fabric and not enough time to sew. I do love that Heather Bailey fabric, though. Looks like you have lots of fun ahead!