Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crayon Totes

I made these crayon tote bags for gifts for two 3-year old boys. They are actually similar sizes but the denim/Thomas one I put gussets at the bottom and I didn't do that step for the red dot/Curious George one. I'm not sure which way is better honestly. When I don't follow a pattern and make it up as I go it should be no surprise that two of the same item come out quite differently!
There are 24 crayon pockets going around the bag and then I'll include some coloring books and construction paper to put inside. I hope they both like them!

I did a little decorative stitching on the Thomas bag to break up the solid denim. My machine has a grand total of about 12 designs on these 2 big odd disks. So old-school. ;)
I quite like how it came out - simple but just a bit extra detail. Since it's for my nephew no big deal that I can't do any fancy scrolling roses anyway!

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  1. Those are fantastic! I am totally stealing this idea. We have a 3-week trip coming up, the first leg is 15 hours of driving. This is perfect for the new coloring books and colored pencils I stocked up on!