Monday, August 17, 2009

More Quilting WIPs

I got around to the second pillow cover so they are both now ready to be quilted. Here is the orange/brown one:

I had a lot of fun making these log cabins. I could definitely see myself making a quilt with them one day. But I have so many other quilt designs on my to do list first though!

Both pillows together.
I like the orange one, but I LOVE the green. I'm sure they will look pretty different quilted and turned into pillows so there's still hope I will love it all finished.

Speaking of quilting, I got a darning foot for my sewing machine too. Now I can learn stippling! For log cabins though I will stick with straight line quilting following the pattern.
I did get a brief chance to try out the new foot. Not horrible for my first 10 minutes of practice ;)


  1. Hey Jaime -

    What sewing machine do you use for your quilting? I took a quilting class a couple years ago and learned that I cannot easily do a scant quarter inch with mine so if I ever get back to my quilt(which is gorgeous) then I might end up needing a new machine.

    Tracey (from the S'nB group :) )

  2. Thanks Heather!

    Tracey - any machine that can sew stright can do a 1/4" seam. The trick is measuring it accurately. I usually use my regular zigzag foot and use the edge as a guide but I can't center the needle when I do this. If I left it centered the seam would be able 3/8" or so. Instead I fiddled with it and found the right spot so that I have exactly a 1/4" when I line my edges up with my foot. I check it every time I change feet or have to move my needle centering.
    I did get another new foot that is supposed to help with this issue - it has a guide so you set it at 1/4" and just push your edge up to the guide and sew. Sounds easy but I haven't tried it out yet.