Friday, January 29, 2010

NaKniMitMo 2010

You know all about NaKniMitMo right? ;)
I discovered through following the very-talented SpillyJane knits blog that January is national knit mittens month. It's a month long knit-a-long with prizes, chatter, inspiration and support over on the Ravelry and Flikr groups.

My first attempt at mittens was a mess and has since been ripped out. I started them again and ran out of steam after the first cuff. Something just wasn't clicking with that yarn and pattern.

So I thought I was just going to skip the mitten-knitting but my darn burgundy Malabrigo yarn was taunting me. I bought it intending to make a hat/scarf/mitten set. The hat and scarf are finished and getting lots of wear. They wanted mittens!! So I gave in and set off looking for a pattern. For me this is a week-long debate, minimum.

I ended up sticking with my new cabling skills and chose the (free!) Chevalier Mitten pattern. I did a few modifications so check on my project page on Ravelry for those. It ended up being a great pattern for me. Lots of cabling to keep you busy and moving along, a simple knit palm to give you a break, an easy way to alter the length and a great fit. I love how the cabling really snugs around my wrist perfectly.

I am a mitten failure no more! :)

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  1. Wow those are beautiful!!! Knitting is a bit of a mystery to me :) Christine