Friday, January 22, 2010

A Not-so-Secret Swap

Back in the fall I participated in a DIY Fairy swap with a group of great ladies from The setup is quite simple. Everyone posts basic info about what fabrics/colors/patterns you like or dislike, what your kids like and then everyone gets matched up. You only need to make one item but I knew from previous rounds that everyone goes well above and beyond. Check out all the goodies my Fairy made for us!
I'm sure my giftee knew that I was her Fairy, I was not very sneaky and didn't know how to keep Paypal from printing my name in the return address on the shipping label. :) So I feel safe in sharing these projects here that I'm not ruining any secret.

Part of the fun of the Fairy swap was all the sleuthing to make the gifts really personalized. My giftee was a mama with a little girl and boy. I found that the mama had just gotten a tattoo and posted a picture of her arm. I thought the design was really neat so I took the picture, traced it, cleaned it up, played with the colors and made an image I used to print out a notecard set. I'd never done anything like this and I was really happy how they came out.

I made a fabric case to hold the cards and envelopes, of course in a great butterfly print. The closure was an elastic hair band and a fabric covered button. Love those.

For her daughter I saw that the little girl had requested a Darth Vader/Princess theme birthday party. Yes. Really. Coolest theme ever! Of course I had to do something with this. So I came up with a reversible bag. It's basically an Amy Butler Swing Bag made child-sized.

For her son I was just working with a description that he liked just about everything. So I decided a little stuffie toy would be great. I must have been looking at this little evil cupcake monster stuffie I have when I dreamed this up. I know I was thinking of a silly spider toy I made that had these great boots on each leg so that took care of the feet. But for hands? I know I didn't want actual hands for a cupcake but what to do? Then it hit me -- oven mitts! Naturally, a tiny chef hat would be necessary as well.

I love the tiny details

I had so much fun coming up with ideas for this, I hope another round starts soon!


  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know how much I adore the notecard wallet, reversible bag and cupcake man!! Brilliant ideas!

  2. What awesome projects!!! Gotta love a starwars princess theme and the cupcake cracks me up :) Christine