Monday, February 2, 2009

More kitchen goodies

First off, aprons:
I started out with plans to make ONE apron, then thought to make another as a gift, needed to make a less-girly one for my husband, and got distracted by yet one more pattern. So one turned into four. But now they are all done!

I've already posted the Lizzie Dish/denim simple apron for my husband and the simple Lolli Dot laminate child's apron gifted to a friend's toddler.
Last night I finished up my super-girly Emmeline apron! It's already quite a feminine pattern and then I made them up in some adorable Farmer's Market prints. It's reversible. The pattern is pretty darn involved for an apron, but I'm pleased with the results.

Last week I finished another apron, a half-apron. It's the apron overlay that is part of the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt pattern. I love the skirt pattern but had ignored the apron part until now.
It came out OK... I had to alter it since I made it too large initially... and really I'm not sure I'll get much use with it. It's meant to be a fashion apron over jeans or a skirt instead of a functional apron I think. I feel a bit too old for the look honestly. I think the pictures make it look nice, but not sure it's me.

But that's not all! I finished up another kitchen item - a stack of bibs for my baby boy. He's a spitter-upper, drools like crazy lately and will be starting food soon so it's bib time! I made 4 with more of the Lolli Dot Michael Miller laminate (and I still have tons left!) each trimmed with a different color of the pindot bias trim. So cute!

And then nine more that are a cotton print backed with minkee. All so soft and cozy!

AND I started working on two over mitts with Lizzie Dish prints. We could really use some new ones so I'll be finishing these up soon too.


  1. Just seen your apron on TBW - it is great.

    I just love those bibs though!

  2. LOVE the bibs!!!!! I am rabbit trailing though all your tut. links too! It's mysticwill from TBW