Friday, February 6, 2009

Wristlet Testing

I was blog-hopping one night, looking for some fun craft blog to add to my Dashboard when I came across the See Katie Sew blog. She had just posted that she needed one last tester for her wristlet pattern. So I commented and later that night I was sewing up Katie's pattern (now available at her Etsy shop).

Here is mine:

There's a nice finishing step for the top at the zipper:

I'm already thinking it would look stunning in a red/black/white or a black/taupe combination....

Nate promptly claimed it as his own to put cars in. What can I say, at least he appreciates my handiwork!

It's a fun project to make out of smaller pieces. These are 3 of the fabrics in my Amy Butler Brick Path quilt. I'm really hoping to actually COMPLETE it. I've cut the bazillion pieces and laid out the pattern yesterday. I need to iron it all before I start piecing.
I'm better with smaller projects frankly!


  1. I really like your projects and your obsession with Amy Butler! I am just up the road from you, near Princeton. It was good to discover cute shops, not too far, that I could venture out to!

  2. Yes I turned out to be quite the Amy Butler fan - the fabrics, the patterns, books...
    I'm always looking for more fabric shops in the area, do share! :)

  3. Wow! Your blog is sooooo fun. You are soooo talented! I will definately have to follow you and see what you come up with next! Very FUN!!:) Have a great day Heather

  4. That is very pretty! I love it!