Monday, February 16, 2009

An Ode to Swing Bags

Oh Swing Bag, how I love thee!

I've gotten my money out of the Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern and then some. Really, I've made at least a dozen by now. I found I could make one out of two half yards, a fat quarter set, or really whatever piece I had and using a pieced construction. It's reversible, is a great size for me, looks good almost empty or stuffed to the gills. I even like that it has an open top so items can stick out if needed. It's a great basic pattern to build on. I usually add a covered button/loop closure at the top, plus a pocket or two.

My latest is really simple, just two Amy Butler (yes I have a lot of her stuff) prints from the August Fields line. These are heavier weight (heavier than her Nigella line) so no interfacing at all required --easy peasy!

Here's a look back at some of the others I've made:

Plus my very first, and still a favorite print of mine, Alexander Henry Mocca


  1. Those are all beautiful! I especially like the red/aqua in the first picture.

  2. I'm SOLD!!! I want the pattern! I love all your bags. I kind of have an obsession with bags anyway so this is perfect!:) Great job! Heather

  3. They are all super cute - but the first one is my absolute favorite! Great job!

  4. I think your latest one is my favourite on so far (but they are all nice!)

    I think I need to get that pattern!

  5. Gorgeous, I think I may have to search out that pattern :)