Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I hate hand stitching!

I have no patience. Or time. In theory it seems like hand sewing and watching TV would work out. But it's summer and there's nothing to watch. When I do sit down, I'm either cutting out my next project or folding the never-ending mountain of laundry we seem to generate. See? No time to hand stitch.

I would love to unveil my latest project, a quilted table runner, but it's not *quite* finished. I have that pesky hand stitching of the binding to do. I love how the runner came out and it would be put in use right away if only I could actually finish it. Unfortunately for the runner, my table, and me, I've already started my next project: my summer birdie sling. No hand stitching in that one! ;)

So I'll just leave a little teaser pic. Here is one of the squares of the runner. Can you tell what pattern it is? It's deceptively easy to make but so visually interesting. It looks even better when you join up the squares and the pattern continues...


  1. Cute! Is that Project Runway fabric? I love it! And I hate handstitching, too...

  2. That looks like Disappearing Nine Patch to me. I love that pattern--so easy to do!

  3. Yes it's a disappearing nine patch! I had a lot of fun making it.
    The fabric is called Lizzie Dish and it's a really cute line. I made an apron and a pair of oven mitts back in January with it and I love them so much I decided to do some more projects with it!