Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quilted Trivet

Small is good. Small means trying out a new pattern, techniques, materials without much fear of waste. But above all small means fast (or at least relatively fast). I love fast!

I'm still slowly finishing up my table runner's hand-stitching but I took a break and made this adorable quilted trivet instead. Again, I so so love these Lizzie Dish prints! I had tons of scraps and wanted to try making a log cabin quilt square. The log cabin is perfect for making any size you want so it seemed a good choice for making a trivet too. The finished size of my trivet is about 10" square.

Small also meant that the machine quilting was a breeze! No struggling with fitting a big quilt under the machine, quilting just one square is easy! I decided to try out one of the few decorative stitches my machine included and it came out pretty good. NOT perfect, but decent. I also used a variegated thread for the first time and I think it looked particularly good with the heavier stitch pattern.

So... it's quite busy! Here's a picture of the back which I almost like better. But I did have fun making it and it's definitely a useful project too. I used a layer of Warm'n'Natural and a layer of Insul-Bright as the batting. It works as a trivet or a pot holder.


  1. I LOVE the stitch that your machine made!!! That's the only thing I wish my machine had more of. Different stitches! Oh well. I do LOVE my juki though. It looks great. Makes me want to make one!!:)

  2. Very cool. I agree small is good. Sometimes you just need that quick satisfaction of a finished project.

  3. Heather -- my machine isn't computerized and only has a few stitches included. This one really didn't look all that promising in the little picture but I was playing with them all and quite liked how it looked in thread.