Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Birdie Sling

I finished this bag Thursday night and spent all Friday collecting compliments on it! I literally had strangers stopping me in the streets asking where I bought my gorgeous bag. You just have to love that. :)

Sometimes I wonder what I'd have to charge to make such a bag. It is not a quick whip-it-up project. I have 3 different fabrics (exterior, handles, lining), plenty of two types of interfacing (you can't skip this - you want those pleats to be crisp and the bag to be sturdy), 2 interior divided pockets. There are a lot of steps but when the end result looks so polished and professional it is worth it!

The pattern is Amy Butler's Birdie Sling. Again I chose two heavier fabrics for the exterior like with my first Birdie Sling here. I have no idea what the lotus flower fabric is but I love it! It took me forever to decide what print to use for this. I wanted something that would match what I was wearing all the time - black, brown, pink, orange, whatever. I think this will come pretty close.

I chose a yellow print for the lining - no dark linings if you ever want to see what's actually in there!

I think Ben was confused why I wasn't taking pictures of him...


  1. Great fabrics! Definitely going to have to get this pattern.

  2. LOvely Jaime!!

    FTR I think it is a Japanese import :)I love it I might have to get this pattern one day

  3. Great bag. Amy Butler bags are great but there are a lot of steps. I guess that's why they look so good finished!:) I would compliment that bag if I saw you too!!!:)

  4. Love it! I'm on the fabric stasher yahoo group...I've been trying to decide the perfect bag to make for Christmas gifts..and I'm thinking this may be it. About how much do you think it cost you to make this?
    Great job...I love the fabric!

  5. Aubrey - I'm terrible at costing things like this! I used fabric from my stash, so I'm not sure exactly how much I needed (and Amy Butler's fabric requirements are always very generous and sometimes excessive). I think I started with a yard of the exterior, handle fabric and lining fabric and had plenty leftover of the two outside prints. Using home-dec allows you to cut down on the interfacing used, but I definitely wouldn't skip it altogether. I used a woven interfacing on the exterior (SF-101) and fusible fleece for the lining/pockets/handle and bands. I only did one layer of fleece for the handle and bands since my denim was nice and substantial.